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Naik Enviro eBIO

Naik Enviro has the expertise and in-house manufacturing capabilities to deliver any conventional wastewater technology. But, the Rotating Media Bio Reactor (RMBR), a Naik Enviro invention, is a league apart in process efficiency.

The RMBR is a bio-intensified technology that utilizes a massive population of microbes grown on high specific surface media. The RMBR technology makes highly compact systems possible with such microbial intensification. The RMBR is interfaced with a Bio Film Separator, Micron Filtration and Disinfection.

The media is loosely packed in a perforated drum of polypropylene or steel rotating about a horizontal axis dipping in a tank of sewage up to 40%. This innovation makes the RMBR truly energy-efficient as the gentle rotation of the RMBR consumes minimal power

Naik Enviro EcoGold

Naik Enviro’s EcoGold is an Organic Waste Converter that produces immediately usable compost after a very short processing duration.

  • Sturdy Polypropylene Drum type Composter which conserves precious heat for enhanced biological activity. The composter is also available with an optional heating provision
  • Robust planetary drive that renders a gentle turnover of composting mass to provide aeration
  • Corrosion-free
  • Minimal space required (10 sq.m. per MT/day capacity)
  • Minimal Power required (3-5 HP per MT/day)

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