Why Naik Enviro?

With over three decades of expertise and experience in environmental services, Naik Enviro is a leader in creating unique solutions for wastewater, solid waste and water management. Since 1989, Naik Enviro has been delivering on high process efficiency and gains for clients through energy-efficiency and small footprints. Our clients benefit from focused attention from our highly trained and dedicated team with an emphasis on innovation.

We have implemented our systems in various environments and climatic conditions without compromising on effluent quality, compactness and energy-efficiency. Our sewage treatment plants have made it possible for clients to consistently reuse wastewater for flushing and gardening, while reducing dependence on treated municipality or expensive tanker water. Our organic waste converters have been extremely successful in effective and efficient solid waste management. Our combination of high product quality and low maintenance and operating costs is unmatched across the industry.

Core Competencies

Naik Enviro can deliver on your project needs in various ways: We can conceptualize your vision; design and engineer it; and install and execute your project. We design, plan, develop, operate, and maintain sewage treatment plants and organic waste converters for resource conversion, waste minimization, wastewater treatment, and solid waste management. We can support your needs through annual operation and maintenance contracts, where you can breathe free and have experts take care of your treatment plant or composter.

We also offer consulting services in water, wastewater or solid waste management, if technical problem-solving is what you are looking for. We have international experience in regulatory policy-making, and can provide technical recommendations or analysis for environmental regulation. Additionally, given our strong in-house expertise, we have the resources to conduct training programs on environmental engineering topics for your staff and associates.

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